SPIRIT WORK is here!

After becoming a mother I made the decision to leave my career in television. I’m grateful for the years I spent creating for PBS, but as I pursued music, meditation, and became a Reiki healer, I’ve found that this is where I’m meant to be.

Over the past two years I’ve developed SPIRIT WORK, my line of crystal essence and aromatherapy sprays. It started as a tool just for me to help open up my psychic abilities as a healer. I found that tapping into these vibrations brought a lot of peace and joy to my days. I’ve learned that these are energies that are limitless and available for everyone; they’re here to teach us to grow and evolve. It’s my hope that by encouraging each other to get in touch with them, we can all be more patient and loving with each other and the world.

For me SPIRIT WORK is about pushing past survival and into the possibility of flourishing. I didn’t really understand the “put on your own oxygen mask before helping others” idea until there was someone much smaller in the seat next to me. You really can’t be there for other people until you sort your own shit out. It’s ongoing and it’s a process and it’s the ocean and it’s the universe. If you have a tool that can help you move through your days it can make life a little more spacious, and a little more joyous for everyone. Everything radiates out.

I’ve worked very carefully to develop a product that smells wonderful, is energetically supportive, with beautiful packaging. It was also important for me to have a supportive framework in which to use SPIRIT WORK, so I’ve written in-depth guide booklets and composed music to accompany each mist.

Thanks for being here!