Relax, Release, Ascend

Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite
A soothing Lavender blend and calming crystal essences create a sanctuary of quiet and peace. 

SPACE is a serene companion for rest and relaxation. SPACE harmonizes with your Third Eye and Crown chakras to welcome cosmic consciousness, to connect to your higher self, and support you in accessing the astral realm and angelic dimension.

SPACE is your accompaniment for any quiet activity; to prepare your space for restorative yoga, meditation, or sleep. SPACE creates the room you need to release the burdens of stress, anxiety, and worry.

Amethyst and Lavender are the tranquil heart of SPACE, with intuitive, balancing energies and a light, calming fragrance. Serene Lepidolite stabilizes your mood for deep relaxation, and soft, angelic Selenite connects you to divine peace.

Every bottle of SPACE is Reiki-charged with healing intention for the highest good of the recipient. This mist is a conduit for this magnificent energy, bringing you the light of peace and the highest vibrations of love with every spray.

Your purchase of SPACE includes a beautiful digital booklet with detailed instructions and descriptions, affirmations, a custom guided meditation, and music download.

2 oz.

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SPIRIT WORK begins with your intention to call in or release energy. Shake gently and spray 2-3 times, as often as needed. May be used as a smudge spray, meditation aid, on linens or yoga mat, as a body spray, and for travel.

SPIRIT WORK clears your personal energy; transforms the energy of your environment; aligns you with your higher self; uplifts your senses with aromatherapy, and is an essential tool in your spiritual hygiene routine.

For external use only. Do not use near eyes or mucus membranes. Keep away from children.

If you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, do not use ingredients that may trigger a reaction. A patch test is recommended for fabrics and skin. Discontinue use if a reaction occurs. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

For educational purposes only. This product and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.